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St. James
Episcopal Church

Prayer Chain Group

Perhaps you or someone you care about has a concern or worry. This might include general physical or spiritual health, upcoming surgery, a need for strength and confidence, a feeling of despair or discouragement, difficulty in a particular area of life such as sleeping or relationships with family, friends, or at work, or any other concerns.

The St James Prayer Chain Group involves five lay people: Armen Slusarz, Carol Kirkwood, Donna Paye, Jane Inrig and Pat Clark. Any person, whether a member of St. James or not, can request to have daily prayers offered. Each member of the group will pray daily for two weeks for the requested person, including any specifics given about why prayers are requested.

To request prayers, simply contact one of the people in this lay ministry by phone, text, or e–mail. Then all the members of the group will be given the information. Other than those offering prayers, no one will know of the request. All such information is completely confidential and will remain so even after the two-week period. If continued prayers are requested, please reconnect with one of us to begin the two–week period again, perhaps with new information.

This ministry of prayer does not replace, nor is it a substitute for those prayed for in the Prayers of the People in our Eucharist Services. The Prayer Ministry involves deep, sustained prayer for the prayer requests on the part of each of the prayer group ministry members. Again, this is totally confidential and personal.

  • Pat Clark (call or text) 860–965–4744
  • Donna Paye 860–673–0097 or djp2947@att.net
  • Jane Inrig 860-673-9684
  • Armen Michalak–Slusarz 860–916–7554 or armenmichalak@sbcglobal.net
  • Carol Kirkwood (Call or Text) 860–748–1364 or ckirkwood@snet.net