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St. James
Episcopal Church

Renewal Works

Where do we feel called to go

March 21, 2018

We assembled a wonderful team who is taking the next step in the RenewalWorks process. Beginning in February, the St. James RenewalWorks Team is engaged in deep conversation about questions raised by the Inventory.

  • February 21st, Workshop 1: Where have we been?
  • March 7th, Workshop 2: Where are we now?
  • March 21st, Workshop 3: Where do we feel called to go?
  • April 4th, Workshop 4: How will we get there?

Our hope is that engaging the questions around spiritual life and growth in this particular way, will be a major step for us moving forward. The RenewalWorks process is geared toward encouraging parishes to go deeper into their spiritual here and now with an eye toward where God may be calling us to go. One of the primary functions of the church is to challenge and encourage us to find ways to grow our sense of God’s presence in our lives. Awareness of where we are can create fertile ground in which that sense of God can grow, strengthen, and become contagious.

The St. James RenewalWorks Team is Carol Kirkwood, Ann Monroe-Baillargeon, Tracey Roberts, Victoria Costello, Julia Grieco, Michael Slusarz, Andrea Harris, Joyce Bettencourt, George Roberts, with Felicia DeDominicis and Donna Paye serving as co-facilitators.